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Jeff CowellJeff Cowell has been involved in photography at various levels for over 50 years.  After many years as a Software Consultant, he became a full-time professional in the photographic industry in 2001.

Recognizing the need for affordable and concise photo education, he began teaching Photography Seminars in 2002.  Since then Jeff has traveled throughout the country teaching hundreds of students on subjects including; Basic Photography, Digital Photography, Studio Lighting, Severe Weather Photography, Darkroom Printing Techniques for Color and Black &White, Photoshop and The Business of Photography.

As the photography industry evolves the subject matter of these seminars continues to evolve to keep pace.  Keeping a pulse on the ever-changing climate of the photo industry requires exposure to the participants in this market.  Jeff achieves this by maintaining regular contact with a group of both amateur and professional photographers from all skill levels.  Doing this gets him insight into the issues that concern the professional photographer as well as the amateur.  Jeff is also involved in various aspects of the industry through his participation in photo shoots for events and product photography.

Seminar and class formats changed dramatically in 2009 to accommodate a big expansion in the material covered and they continue to change in an effort to continually address the changing industry.  The addition of a Photography Boot Camps and extended Photography Schools will take up a lot of time on the schedule but actually increase the offerings to students.   In 2010 specialized workshops were added to the offerings to help photographers get more of the hands-on experience needed to master their skills.  These added workshops include topics like:

  • Macro Photography

  • Depth-of-Field

  • Flash Photography

  • Landscape Photography

  • Studio Lighting

2010 also included class offerings at The Wichita Art Museum and Botanica "The Wichita Gardens" on a regular basis.  These classes were part of fund-raising efforts and proceeds from these events go towards supporting the operations and growth of these wonderful organizations.  Similar events are likely to be offered at several other museums and non-profit organizations around the United States in the years to come.

2011 saw the addition of offerings at CityArts in Wichita's Old Town district.  These workshops were well-attended and continued into the 2012 calendar.  There were also class offerings at Butler Community College as a part of their Community Education program. These courses included Photography and The Business of Photography. 

2013 continues to offer opportunities to modify and expand seminar offerings and a massive expansion in one-on-one tutoring continues from 2012.

In 2014 Jeff took on classes at CityArts in Wichita's Old Town district and continues to offer new and interesting subjects.  By using the Digital Arts Studio at CityArts, Jeff is able to offer classes on popular products like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop and Basic Website Design.

Please have a good look at the details of all of these classes and seminars to see what fits your schedule. Don't miss the Photo Excursion listings too.  If you would like to read up on some Photography Tips, see my blog at

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J R Cowell Images is located at 542 S Estelle St in Wichita, KS.
You can call me at: 316-990-0818

Please leave me a detailed voicemail if you don't reach me directly. Because I travel frequently, it is often impossible for me to answer the phone for every call.  I will however make every effort to return your call as promptly as possible.
You can email me at: jeff [@]

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A note about the background photo; This photo was taken in downtown Wichita, KS. 
I had gone downtown expecting an opportunity to get some good sunset shots, but that didn't work out nearly as well as the moonrise shots.